Dannysound VU Meters Expander – Full DIY Kit

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VU metering module designed to pair with Dannysound Dynamics


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The Dannysound VU Meters is a 2-channel level monitoring module which houses 2 classic VU Meter dials to monitor signal levels. This module is designed especially to be used with 2 x Dynamics modules. The Dynamics modules can connect internally via ribbon cables on the back of the module, allowing the meters to provide a visual representation of various signals within the Dynamics modules without the need for any patching. Adding the VU Meters to Dynamics gives a very useful visual representation of what the Dynamics module is doing and makes it easier to dial in specific settings.

The VU Meter controls for each channel are:

3 position toggle switch:

  1. C/E OUT – Monitor the compressor/expander output.
  2. INPUT – Monitor the Dynamics input level or external input if it’s used.
  3. C/E AMT – Monitor Dynamics compression/expansion amount.

3 position toggle switch:

  1. HI SENS – High sensitivity setting, best for monitoring the C/E OUT signal of percussive sounds and drums etc.
  2. OFF – If you want to turn meters off. Note that this stops the needles moving but the backlights will stay on.
  3. LO SENS – Low sensitivity setting, best for monitoring the C/E AMT signal or anything that overloads the HI SENS setting.


  • External inputs for monitoring external sources
  • Switch to select High/Low meter sensitivity or to disable each dial.
  • Monitor either Compression/Expansion amount, Unprocessed Input signal, or post Compression/Expansion.
  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 51mm
  • Power: +12 = 0.03mA, -12 = 83mA, +5V = 3mA

VU Meters – Build Document

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