Shakmat Modular – Time Wizard – Full DIY Kit

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Sextuple clock divider with heaps of functionality

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The Shakmat Modular Time Wizard is an 8HP sextuple clock divider. The module features individual division control for all six outputs and there are different division options available depending on the divider channel being used. The outputs are split into two sections – A and B. Each section can receive its own separate clock input if desired, and there is also extra functionality associated with both sections:

Section A has the ability to multiply incoming clock signals (either x3 or x4) before the clock reaches the dividers. This allows you to easily dial in triplets or create very unusual clock ratio’s – for example: multiply by 4 and divide by 7 at the same time.

Section B has the option to receive it’s own master clock from RST input on the front panel or internally from divider B4. This allows you to create further complex divisions from the dividers below. There is also a jumper on the back of the module that allows outputs B5 and B6 to be switched from triggers to gates.

The module features an internal auto-reset option which comes from divider B6. This can be switched on to affect either just Section A or all of the outputs. There is also a manual reset input on the front panel. Finally there are some additional logic function options for divider A2: This output can be switched to provide the following functions : A2 AND B5 or A2 OR A3.

Time Wizard – User ManualAssembly Guide PCB v1.1


  • Size: 8 HP
  • Depth: 22 mm
  • Current Draw: 20 mA @ 12V, 0 mA @ -12V
  • Trigger Inputs: 0 – 5V
  • Outputs: 0 – 5V

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