MattBradshawDesign ‘DRUMKID’ – Full DIY Kit

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Lo-fi hackable aleatoric drum machine with MIDI

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DrumKid is a lo-fi aleatoric drum machine. It generates rhythms using random numbers. It’s designed to be used for both live performance and recording, with controls that allow organic transitions between rhythms and fills. The dumkid’s character of lo-fi samples and effects are great for indie/glitch music, but its MIDI capabilities also make it a great choice for triggering samplers and drum machines. DrumKid’s hackable, open source design also means that makers and coders can customise its features.

Drumkid – Build Guide | User Manual


– 3.5mm audio output (headphones/aux)
– MIDI CC/clock input
– MIDI note/clock output
– 16 adjustable parameters
– Tap tempo
– 36 save slots
– Open source design with editable firmware
– Custom samples can be loaded
– Hackable case and circuit board, designed for customisation
– Powered by batteries (3xAA) or USB mini cable (not supplied)
– Dimensions: 14cm x 9cm x 5.5cm

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