Emute Lab Instruments – uSeq – Full DIY Kit

£150.00 (Excl. VAT)

uSEQ is a programmable Eurorack module – using live coding to create a flexible voltage generator and processor!

Kit includes USBA to USBC cable


uSEQ is an 8HP Eurorack module that brings live coding into your modular system. Fundamentally, it’s an extremely flexible voltage generator and processor. The module has a set of CV and pulse inputs and outputs, but instead of having a fixed set of controls and functions, you can choose how voltages are generated by livecoding them on a computer. This means that you can control uSEQs behaviour with the vast possibilities of creative coding, using a simplified programming language specialised for music.

uSEQ is great for sequencing, waveform generation, and waveform processing. You can use it as a live performance tool, or configure it for specific functions. To start coding with uSEQ, hook up a computer via the USB port, load up the editor in your browser and start playing. Code gets saved automatically in your browser’s local storage as you type, and will be automatically restored when you reopen the web page from the same browser. You can also manually load and save to your computer using the buttons. For more details on uSEQ coding check out the Quick Start guide.

Nearly all of the SMD is already pre-soldered – there are just 2 x SMD buttons to solder –  here’s a video guide for soldering guide them

uSEQ – Build Guide | Quick Start | Github


  • 2 x CV inputs
  • 2 x Pulse inputs
  • 3 x CV outputs
  • 3 x Pulse outputs
  • 1 x Momentary switch
  • 1 x  Three-way toggle switch
  • 2 x  Attenuverter controls for the CV inputs
  • LISP-based livecoding engine
  • Open source software and hardware


  • CV Inputs: Sensitive to -5V – 5V range (clips outside this range)
  • Pulse Inputs: Zero crossing
  • CV Outputs: -5V – 5V
  • Pulse Outputs: 0V or 5V
  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: Skiff Friendly
  • Current: 75 mA



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