Feedback – VCA100 – Full DIY Kit

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Snappy and compact VCA based on classic Japanese design

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This is probably one of the snappiest and most colourful sounding VCAs in Modularland. Why? Because it is based on the classic Japanese VCA from the seventies that everyone loves.

Most VCA clones use the CA3080 or LM13700, however this design uses the original clone of BA662A made by Alfa RPAR. This VCA provides the classic rubbery sound of the modular, SH and JP series and works great in combination with the ENV100.


  • 3 control pots : Input, Gain, CV attenuator
  • 1 type switch : Linear or Logarithmic
  • 3 jacks : Audio in, Audio out, CV in


  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Power Consumption: 20 mA +12V, 15 mA -12V

VCA100 – Build Document | BOM | Schematic


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