Floating Ring Cable – 1.4M


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A single Quarter-inch TRS jack to 3.5mm TS jack cable.

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A single Quarter-inch TRS jack to 3.5mm TS jack cable. A floating ring configuration is recommended for connecting DC-coupled audio interfaces as a CV output (e.g. for use with Silent Way). Length: 1.4m

These are also suitable for inputting audio signals into your Eurorack modular synth from a balanced or unbalanced 1/4″ output, e.g. a computer soundcard, monosynth or drum machine etc.

Note due to the floating ring on the 1/4″ connector, using these cables to take a signal out of your modular and into the 1/4″ input of an external device will work but is not ideal. It depends on how the input is balanced or whether it auto-detects a signal as being balanced or unbalanced. This is often not documented with consumer devices. The signal is likely to be clean and audible, but may have some unpredictable side effects (inversion or attenuation etc).

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