Foxing Hour – Access – Panel & PCB Set

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Triple Attenuvert Bias

Note: This is a panel & pcb set only

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Great for blending or colorising luma input sources, Foxing Hour’s Access is a three-channel attenuverter and bias module designed to handle full colour RGB, as well as individual luma or control-rate signals. With nothing plugged in, Access can act as a single 1V offset source to control other modules via the onboard attenuverters and bias controls. Make adjustments to individual luma or control signals or sum them down to the final output for a combined and curated source to patch throughout your system or straight to the encoder output. Access is also stellar for color balancing RGB sets for real-time performative means or to finalize and tweak your output video. Giving you full access to the -1V to +1V voltage range, Access offers complete control over subtle details to large changes in your luma signals.

ACCESS – Build Guide & BOM


  • Video gain and bias module
  • Three channels of attenuating/verting and biasing
  • Accepts full color RGB or separate luma/control-rate signals
  • Inputs normal downwards with 1 volt reference when nothing is plugged in


  • 8HP
  • 41 mm deep
  • 30 mA +12V
  • 30 mA -12V

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