Foxing Hour – RECT – Panel & PCB Set

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Dual Rectifier and Frequency Doubler

Note: This is a panel & pcb set only

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Distort and warp your luma signals with Foxing Hour’s Dual Rectifier, offering two channels with three flavors of visual rectification and frequency excitation. Dual Rectifier’s first two outputs of each channel offer clipping at the mid-grey point and either accentuate the brighter portions (output one) or the darker ones (output two). The third output acts as a frequency doubler, in which it clips and inverts the darker greys and into the lighter half, basically doubling the frequency of luminance. Because the third output of the first rectifier is normalled to the second input, Dual Rectifier can create rippling effects and highly dense visual modifications.

RECT features a double sided panel so you can choose between either text or symbol graphics.

RECT – Build Guide & BOM


  • Dual video signal rectifier module
  • Single input to three variations of rectification
  • First output accentuates bright portions and clips below mid-grey
  • Second output accentuates dark portions and clips below mid-grey
  • Third output doubles frequency and produces single-stage solarization
  • First section’s third output normalled to second section


  • 4HP
  • 53 mm deep
  • 41 mA +12V
  • 38 mA -12V


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