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The RGB Matrix is an expandable three channel, dual-bus video-rate matrix mixer for colourising and mixing pattern and video sources in full colour RGB, allowing manipulations previously only possible through the combination of a large number of other separate modules.  It also includes three-channel RGB crossfader/keying functionality, for complex image compositing and effects.

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The RGB Matrix module set consists of four separate PCBs designs, which link together through a ribbon cable on the rear of each PCB to allow for unlimited input expansion.  If you want to find out where the system takes its inspiration and how it came about then be sure to check out The story behind the RGB Matrix.

Input Module
Each RGB Matrix Input module has a socket for input of a video-rate signal (such as a oscillator output, or a video luma signal, or an LFO, or any other video pattern CV from other modules) and three independent level controls for controlling how much of that input is mixed into each of the Red, Green and Blue outputs, allow the monochrome input signal to be converted into any shade, colour or hue you want.  The level controls adjust between zero and 2x scaling, so they can also be used to attenuate or boost the input, and there is an invert/mute switches for each output, allowing for colour subtraction and negative video effects.  The RGB mix you dial in can then be routed to either the A or B output bus, or switched in and out of the mix altogether.

Output Module
Each RGB Matrix module set has one Output module, which provides access to each of the mixed A and B bus RGB signals.

Keyer Module
The Keyer module is where the RGB Matrix really shines, adding another set of RGB outputs that combines the A and B output buses and provides full cross-fade/keying/layering functionality.  The cross-fade key can be generated automatically from A or B bus image brightness (luma), or via an external CV source.  Panel controls allow for sharpness and threshold adjustment of the cross-fade point, to allow for soft or hard keying effects.

Direct In Module
The Direct In module has three independent inputs, one for each of the RGB channels and each with its own attenuation control.  This module is useful when you have a full colour RGB image source that you want to mix directly to one of the two RGB Matrix buses.  It pairs excellently with Syntonie’s VU003 Component2RGB module which I highly recommend!

What You Get
The RGB Matrix Starter Pack comes as a set of five PCBs (two Inputs, one Direct In, one Output and one Keyer) and two Panels (a ‘Combo’ panel for the Inputs, Output and Keyer, and one for the Direct In) which is a great starting point, with enough flexibility to build up two non-trivial images and get good results from the Keyer.  From there on additional Input and Direct In channels can be added to open up more creative possibilities – they are quick and easy to build so there’s no excuse not to go all out!

The RGB MAtrix comes as a PCB and Panel set for DIY.  To build this module you will need to purchase the necessary components as well and then solder it together yourself.!  This module is ideally suited to DIYers who have already built one or two other modules, mostly because there are a lot of components to solder on the Keyer module so it might be a bit daunting if this is your first DIY module.  But all of the components are through-hole, and the multi-board approach means that the PCBs can be assembled one by one and tested as you go.

All the information you need to build this module set can be found in the build guide documents (one of each type of module) which include a list of all the parts you’ll need, a guide to what order to solder the components in and various other helpful information:

A number of LM6172 IC chips are required for the builds, these can be purchased at the top of this page.

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