Herzlich Labs – Dirty Martini – Full DIY Kit

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Passive glitch mixer for video with fader, 4-input selection and performance switches

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Introducing the Dirty Martini, a dirty video mixer featuring no less than four video inputs, two glitch switches and a DJ-style fader, all in a handy controller-sized package that will elevate your next video performance beyond what you have previously thought possible.

The Dirty Martini will mangle, mix, shake and stir your video signals. Connect to any of the four inputs via RCA cable from your favourite video-producing device,  from downscaled HD video to good ol’ VHS. Two input selection switches allow you to quickly change between inputs in a pleasingly rough and tumble way and two additional switches will immediately interrupt the video signal on either of the two channels, regardless of the input setting.

Dirty Martini – Build Document


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