IMS System 100 – Model 140 Pulse Generator – Full DIY Kit

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Pulse and Clock Generator

Note: This is not a Eurorack kit – this kit is in the larger 4U format.

New SMD pre-soldered version – now a much easier build!

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The Model 140 is a heart of IMS System 100. It’s not just a steady clock, it can also produce repetitive pulses at intervals of .005 to 20 seconds. Both period (tempo) and duty cycle can be controlled internally or with CV

The 2 jacks on the right provide full pulse outputs, while 2 left outputs provide alternating pulse outputs which can be integrated in a patch for call & response type of sequences.

The alternating outputs are created using discrete transistor logic. Once the pulse output is low, the transistor that is paired with the input pulse goes high and turns on the alternating input.

Format: 4U


  • What size of jacks are used? – 3.5mm (Thonkiconn) jack sockets for audio, banana for control voltage.
  • Are these kits difficult to solder? – They are not! 99% of soldering is through-hole. Some of the modules have a couple of SMD capacitors
  • Which power supply should I get? – Busboards are availabe here. IMS recommend using the Meanwell RT-65C. Info on wiring is HERE


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