Low-Gain LGE092 – Smooth Stepped Generator – Panel & PCB Set

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Smooth Stepped Generator (SSG)

Note: This Panel/PCB set is in the Serge 4U format and is not Eurorack compatible.


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The LGE092 Smooth Stepped Generator module consists of two sub-modules, the top being the Smooth section and the bottom the Stepped. The outputs are tied together with a comparator at the Coupler jack – this gives a HIGH if the smooth output is greater and a LOW if it isn’t.

The Smooth section is a VC lag processor with some interesting additions:

  • Hold input. When this goes high the output no longer tracks the input but is held at the same level that was present when Hold went high.
  • Cycle. This is similar to GATE on the DSG but not the same thing.

The Stepped section is a sample-and-hold, also with interesting additions:

  • A rate knob. This determines how big each step is at the Stepped output. Full rotation = bi steps, zero rotation = very tiny steps.
  • The stepped section can serve as an extremely high quality sample-and-hold.

Easy to assemble – no wiring (flying wires) required.


  • PCB size: 6″ x 2″
  • Width: 2HP
  • Depth: 40mm

LGE092 Bill of Materials
LGE092 Schematic
LGE092 PCB Layout w/ Designators
LGE092C I/O Board Schematic (Wiring Diagram)
LGE092 I/O Board Bill of Materials
Mechanical Parts BOM generally required for building Low-Gain Electronics Modules

** 4U Modular is a term used for the format most commonly known as “Serge Format” or “Loudest Warning Format”. Out of respect for the ever growing format, 4U Modular is the easiest way to refer to it. More Specifically it refers to the panel height and mounting hole style. 4U Modular will patch up just fine with other 4U “Serge” formats such as “Random Source”, but it will not mount in RS boats or Buchla Boats (or power off Buchla power for that matter).

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