Low-Gain LGE202 – Fixed Resonant Filterbank – Panel & PCB Set

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10-band Resonant Equalizer & Feedback

Note: this is a panel & pcb set only in 4U format.

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Inspired by the classic Serge Filterbank. Easy to assemble – no wiring (flying wires) required.


  • PCB size: 6” x 2”
  • Width: 2HP
  • Depth: 40mm

LGE202 Main PCB Bill of Materials
LGE202 Main PCB Schematic
LGE202 Main PCB Designators
LGE202 Main PCB Designators w/ Feedback Points
LGE202 I/O PCB Bill of Materials
LGE202C I/O PCB Schematic (wiring diagram)
LGE202C I/O PCB Schematic (Switch Version wiring diagram)
LGE202C I/O PCB Designators Top
LGE202C I/O PCB Designators Bottom

** 4U Modular is a term used for the format most commonly known as “Serge Format” or “Loudest Warning Format”. Out of respect for the ever growing format, 4U Modular is the easiest way to refer to it. More Specifically it refers to the panel height and mounting hole style. 4U Modular will patch up just fine with other 4U “Serge” formats such as “Random Source”, but it will not mount in RS boats or Buchla Boats (or power off Buchla power for that matter).

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