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A new set of video synthesis modules inspired by early digital hardware video synths. LZX have requested that we no longer sell Panel and PCBs separately.

£15.50 (Excl. VAT)

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£15.50 (Excl. VAT)

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£15.50 (Excl. VAT)

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£15.50 (Excl. VAT)

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£15.50 (Excl. VAT)

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£15.50 (Excl. VAT)

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£15.50 (Excl. VAT)

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Introducing Castle Series, a new set of eight DIY Eurorack module PCB & Frontpanel sets for video synthesis in LZX compatible format. Castle Series modules were designed by Philip Baljeu of Toronto, Ontario, and are inspired by early digital hardware video synths. Castle PCBs and Panels are recommended for intermediate and advanced level Synth DIY enthusiasts who are experienced with assembling thru-hole electronics assemblies and sourcing electronic components. If you are new to Synth DIY or need help troubleshooting your assemblies, please locate our user communities online.

Don’t forget to pick up these parts from Thonk!

PJ302M Jack Sockets – Here
Right Angle Pots – Here
1900h Knobs (6.35mm Round Shaft) – Here

Bill of Materials and Schematics for all modules can be found here – LZX Github

Castle 000 – ADC

This Analog to Digital Converter is used to change an analog input signal in to a 3-Bit data stream. Bias and Gain (+/-N) are used to scale and bias the input signal. Use this module to interface with the rest of the Castle series or as a hard zone colorizer by itself.

+12V Current Consumption: 21mA
-12V Current Consumption: 28mA

Castle 001 – DAC

The Digital to Analog Converter is a dual module to convert two 3-Bit data streams into two Analog approximations. Think of it as weighted summing mixers, with the MSB having the most amplitude, and LSB having least. Pair with the Analog to Digital Converter to produce a solarize effect, counter to synthesize waveforms, etc.

+12V Current Consumption: 3mA
-12V Current Consumption: 4mA

Castle 010 – Clock VCO

The Clock VCO is a square wave Voltage Controlled Oscillator with a linear response to CV. Use as a clock source for modules such as the Shift Register and Counter. Horizontal and Vertical frequency ranges.

+12V Current Consumption: 9mA
-12V Current Consumption: 7mA

Castle 011-Shift Register

The Shift Register is a 4 position memory of sorts. A bit is loaded from the DATA input at a logical “high” signal at the CLOCK input and appears at the Q0 output. At the next high Clock signal the bit is shifted from Q0 to Q1 and a new bit is loaded in to Q0 from DATA. When a bit reaches Q3 it is shifted out of the register. This functions as a delay on a 1-Bit datastream, where the CLOCK determines delay. If the outputs are combined with an XOR gate, an outline is achieved.

+12V Current Consumption: 21mA
-12V Current Consumption: 43mA

Castle 100 – Multi Gate

The Multi-Logic Gate has 2 inputs and XNOR, XOR, NOR, OR, NAND, and AND outputs.

+12V Current Consumption: 28mA
-12V Current Consumption: 40mA

Castle 101 – Quad Gate

The Quad Gate uses a single quad logic chip and combines them in 4 different ways. A1 and B1 are combined and appear at OUT1. A2 and B2 are combined and appear at OUT2. OUT3 is a combination of A1 and OUT2. OUT4 is a combination of OUT1 and A2. Any standard quad logic gate IC can be used, for example 4001 NOR, 4011 AND, 4070 XOR.

+12V Current Consumption: 31mA
-12V Current Consumption: 55mA

Castle 110 – Counter

The Counter is a 4-Bit clock counter/divider. Each successive output from Q0 to Q3 is half the frequency of the previous. When used as a binary word it counts from 1 to 16. There is also an end of count output as RCO, when the counter reaches 16 it sends out a pulse on RCO. Used in conjunction with a Clock VCO and a DAC waveforms can be synthesized.

+12V Current Consumption: 39mA
-12V Current Consumption: 39mA

Castle 111 – D Flip Flops

The D Flip Flops are three D type Flip Flops that share a common Clock and Reset. Each Flip Flop can be thought of as a single bit sample and hold. The signal present at a D input is held either High or Low when the Clock signal is High, respective of the state of the input. Since there are three Flip Flops available this module can be used to sample and hold a 3-Bit data stream.

+12V Current Consumption: TBD
-12V Current Consumption: TBD

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