Manhattan Analog – MIX – Panel / PCB

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High quality 3 channel mixer

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RIGHT ANGLE: B50K - 50K Linear x 1 – optional

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RIGHT ANGLE: A50K - 50K Audio × 3 – optional

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Black (6.35mm Round Shaft) × 4 – optional

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The MIX is a high quality 3 channel mixer. It’s a transparent, no crosstalk, hi-fi and low noise design which aims to put as little circuitry between the input and output as possible. It’s primarily designed to be an excellent audio mixer, but it is DC-coupled so also performs very well for mixing control voltages.

The output channel can be set up as a regular attenuator or a polarising attenuverter.

BOM & Build Guide – Assembly Guide


  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 34mm
  • +12v: 13 mA
  • -12v: 13 mA
  • +5v: 0 mA


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