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Dual Clocked CV Generator/Recorder

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PIP is a dual clocked CV generator and recorder/complex LFO that lets you morph between predefined CV waveforms and even morph your recorded CV. Each channel can be synced to each other in predefined ratios. Channel B is the master channel and can be synced to an internal or external clock. The clock of channel A depends on that of channel B: You can either set a fixed clock division, a free (arbitrary) ratio or adjust the phase relationship between channel B and channel A.

Each channel has 16 wavetable pages with 3 waveforms per page that can be morphed into each other using the MORPH knobs. In addition, each channel has a special random (sample & hold/sample & glide) page. It’s possible to record incoming CV or knob movements onto each channel. The recorded waveform replaces the middle waveform of the current page and can then be morphed as well.

Both A and B channels have a Unipolar and Bipolar output, and both waveforms are output simultaneously. This makes it possible to drive multiple modulation destinations without having to split the signal using a buffered multiple or stacked cables. You could e.g.
modulate channel B’s CV input from the unipolar (upper) channel A output, while also modulating another module’s CV input from the bipolar (lower) channel A output.

PIP – Build Document | User Manual | Cheatsheet | Schematic


  • Width: 8HP
  • Skiff Friendly
  • Power Consumption: 60 mA +12V, 30 mA -12V

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