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Flexible Dual CV Recorder

All SMD pre-soldered!

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Ephemere is a two-channel, voltage-controlled buffer for recording and playing back CV signals such as LFOs, envelopes, trigger patterns, or sequences. Each independent channel features latching play and record buttons, as well as a stop button that can also function as a panic control. The Play/Reset and Record functions can also be addressed by external clocking signals for synchronized control, rhythmically bringing the Ephemere into step with any patch. Playback speed and playhead starting position can be adjusted manually or with external CV, allowing you to scrub through your control signals with a level of dynamism and flexibility typically reserved for audio signals.

Optimized for recording control voltages, buffers of up to 1014 seconds are possible when running the Ephemere at its lowest sampling rate of 172Hz. Full-spectrum audio signals up to 4 seconds in length can be stored and recalled when clocking the module at 44.1kHz, which means the Ephemere can also function as a two-channel looper or pair of one-shot samplers. When nothing is patched to a channel’s input, the corresponding Input knob can be used to generate manual CV signals which can be recorded and played back.

With an SD card, up to 16GB of storage is available for storing and recalling your control and audio signals, allowing you to save your favorite cuts between sessions. An intuitive OLED display shows the contents of the buffer for the currently selected channel, as well as the playhead position, providing immediate visual feedback.

With its intuitive interface and extensive CV control, the Ephemere provides a performance-ready, powerful tool for recording and manipulating almost any signal in your modular system, from subaural sequences, to audio signals, and everything in between.

Ephemere – Build Document | User Manual


  • Two-channel CV recorder
  • Crisp OLED display
  • Per-channel voltage-controllable playback speed and start position
  • Per-channel Record, Play/Reset, and Stop buttons
  • CV-addressable Play/Reset and Record buttons for synchronized control
  • Looping mode for either channel
  • 1014 seconds of recording at 172Hz sampling rate, up to 4 seconds of recording at 44.1kHz sampling rate
  • Generate and record manual CV signals with Input knob when no signal is present at input
  • Width: 14HP


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