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Complex Voiced Chord Sequencer

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The NOH-modular Pianist is a complex voiced chord sequencer. It sequences chords using v/oct with up to 8-note of polyphony by controlling the root, third, fifth, seventh, and two colourful extensions. Additionally, the module has alternative modes making it compatible with Chord v2 (Qu-Bit Electronix), Plaits- Chord Model (Mutable Instruments), and Chord Organ (Music Thing Modular)!

There is a total of 32 chord slots, the Pianist will automatically voice them to make sense as a progression. However, each chord is easily editable through inversion, and spreading. By default the sequencer will play chords in order, but the chord direction tool enables song structures and clock resolutions in a musically efficient way.

The Pianist can help you compose a chord progression by quantizing your edits within a set scale! This is beneficial to beginners or experimentalists to come up with good-sounding chord progressions. Additionally, the module has a multi-function gate input that brings to life the sequence and makes it incredibly performative. The gate functions are: reset, random, shift, spread, freeze, and skipping to specific chords. Finally, the Pianist has four save slots for you to keep your compositions, or access the three presets with Jazz, Classical, and Modern examples of what the Pianist can achieve!


  • internal clock, with an optional external clock input
  • 8-note polyphony (v/oct)
  • Alternative modes for compatibility with:

Qu-Bit Electronix Chord v2
Mutable Instrument Plaits
Music Thing Modular Chord Organ (Pianist firmware v1.1)

  • 32 slots for chords with a lot of editable options
  • copy/paste/clear chords easily
  • Editing Chords can be quantized to a scale
  • Live performance with a multi-function gate:

RESET – reset the sequence
RANDOMISE COLOURS – add random colours that complement the quality of the chord
SHIFT – octave shift from 1 to 2 octaves
SPREAD – spread randomly between 0 to 3 times
FREEZE – freeze the sequence
PAGE # – skip to a chord only when the gate is pressed

  • 4 load/save slots to save compositions
  • 3 presets in these slots to showcase what the Pianist can do
  • Live feedback of the current chord and the next one to help during performances
  • Joystick to navigate the interface
  • Buttons for the multi-function and Play/Stop gates
  • OLED screen for the interface and performance feedback


  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Power Consumption: +12V (50mA), -12V (10mA)

Pianist – Build Document | User Manual | Firmware 1.0

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