Zlosynth Instruments – Achordion – Full DIY Kit

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Chord-crafting quantizing wavetable oscillator module

This module has an aluminium frontpanel

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Achordion is a wavetable oscillator and chord generator that provides 37 wavetables divided into 4 banks (Perfect, Harsh, Soft and Tines) with the ability to smoothly transition between them.

With up to 18 simultaneous voices, Achordion can produce sub-octaves and duplicated tones as well as standard chords. There are four modes of play are available in the Achordian – single tone, selection of 18 standard chords (fifth, seventh and ninth), arpeggios, and intervals. All notes are quantized to a configurable scale along with the 1V/oct inputs, so any scale can be played on a controller.

Two melodic lines can be played at the same time, each controlled by an independent 1V/oct input. Each melody can be sent to it’s own separate output, enabling each line to be processed by a different effect chain. A display consisting of 8 LEDs is used to make dialling of parameters easier.

From smooth lush pads to dense walls of sound, Achordion encourages the exploration of different scales and intervals. Even if you don’t know any music theory, this module will do all the harmonic maths for you, and all left for you to do is use your intuition.


  • Wavetable oscillator and chord generator with up to 18 voices.
  • 37 wavetables in four different groups (Perfect, Harsh, Soft, Sines) and smooth transitions
  • 4 playing modes:
    -Single Tone (single note)
    -Chords (19 chords/5th/7th/9th/9th inversion),
    -Intervals (root+other note in an interval between -2/+2 octaves)
    -Arpeggio (four chords building up step by step)
  • Quantization of the selected scale (playable via white piano keys)
  • Two sound strings with independent 1V/Oct inputs and audio outputs
  • Large knob for selecting wavetable groups
  • 3 knobs with corresponding CV inputs
  • Tone: Root note of the note to be played back (button held: root selection of scale)
  • Detune: Distribution of “detune” and degree of detune (button held: control of scale mode)
  • Chord: chord and interval selection (button held: selection of chord building mode)
  • 8 LEDS visualize currently selected parameters and the various options for calibration or editing

Achordion – Build Document | User Manual


  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Power Consumption: 85 mA +12V, 7 mA -12V


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