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Prok drums are compact, expressive, morphing percussion modules. Synthesis not samples!

This is the Bassdrum, there are four unique DSP drum models in total, the others being Snare, Hi-Hat and Clap. They have a 12-bit Lo-Fi crunch with virtual analog patch morphing. There is a free software editor that lets you edit and create new patches live.

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These Soundcloud demos below are all untreated recordings direct from the modules. No external FX, processing, reverb, distortion or filtering has been added. This is what the modules sound like out of the box with trigger sequencing and external CV modulation. All drums are synthesised digitally, there are no samples!

Prok drum modules are a series of 4HP drum synthesis and morphing modules, consisting of a Bassdrum, Snare, Hi-Hat and Hand Clap. This module is the Bassdrum. The kit includes everything you need to build a working Bassdrum and the software comes pre-programmed so you don’t need a computer to get up and running.

BD : Bassdrum

The Bassdrum synthesis engine can take you anywhere from the simple 808 / 909 one oscillator bassdrum sound, to screaming hardcore kicks that combinine four oscillators, two waveshapers and a noise source. You want solid, it does solid. You want banging distorted harmonics you get them too. Use the X and Y controls to find your sweet spot or create ever evolving drums by morphing between patches.

How Does It Work?

There are 4 banks of bassdrum to choose from, which you can switch between by long pressing the button on the front panel. Each bank contains four corners or ‘QUADS’, which are made up of four patches. This means there are a total of 16 patches per bank.

1 Bank = 4 Quads = 16 Patches

But this doesn’t mean there are only 16 sounds. That would be boring. There is a morphing engine which allows you to continuously move between the sounds within one quad. This isn’t just 4 channels being mixed by volume. All the parameters of the synthesis engine are modulated in real time to create a continuously variable galaxy of sound. Each module comes with a full set of patches built into the firmware : just turn on the module, send in a trigger signal and you’re good to go.

The Front Panel

4 Red Squares

  1. Show current morph position
  2. When changing Quad will flash to show which quad is selected

X & Y Knobs

Control the morph position between the 4 patches in the current quad.

SD Card Slot

Allows you to store and load custom patches

To load custom patches from the SD card hold the button at boot.


Retrigger the sound. Hold down to switch quads.

X & Y CV

The CV inputs only respond to positive signals from 0v to 5v.

For full range control from CV leave the knobs at the zero position.

CV inputs are scaled across the remaining range from the knobs.

For example if the X knob is halfway then the CV will control X from 0.5 to 1.0 using the full range of CV input.

Trigger Input

Trigger the sound on a rising edge.

Audio Output

Mono audio output.


The Back of the module

The back of the module has three connections:

  • Ten pin standard Eurorack power header
  • USB connection for connection to software editor (coming in 2019)
  • 6 Pin header for expansion (more news in 2019)

Software Editor

Download the software editor HERE


Prok Drums Build Document and Manual

Open Hardware

Prok Drums are open hardware, they are a modified version of the Music Thing Modular Radio Music module by Tom Whitwell and have the Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA: Attribution / ShareAlike. If you use any work from this hardware, you should credit Tom Whitwell, and you must republish any changes you make under the same license. The Prok Drums Eagle PCB projects are available under the creative commons license here – Github Link

The software is an original development which has no relation to and shares no code with Radio Music. It is not open source. The Teensy in this kit comes pre-programmed with the software already loaded. We will sell pre-programmed Teensy’s separately if you accidentally destroy one, and will also provide firmware downloads to any verified existing customers who need to re-flash their Teensy.

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