Tesseract Modular – Stonk – Full DIY Kit

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Unique joystick performance controller with stereo looper & built-in effects!

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Stonk is a unique joystick controller and looper module that’s capable of processing two channels of CV and two channels of audio for a total 4 channels. Stonk not only sends  the typical joystick CV offset, but also has a number of built-in features, including a multimode filter, VCA, stereo reverb, LFO,  Euclidian envelopes and wave folder!

The built-in looper can record up to 150 seconds per channel of CV or high quality AC-coupled audio (24 bit, 48 KHz, 32 bit float.) Looping can be activated manually via a button, or externally by triggering record input. After a loop has been recorded it’s possible to to use the joystick to ‘punch-in’ other modes into the loop, allowing for interesting performance capabilities!

Each channel has access to 6 available modes. In each mode Stonk has a preassigned parameters that will be controlled by the X and Y axes of the joystick, but it’s possible to edit which parameters are controlled on each axes (eg. frequency, symmetry, offset or amplitude of the LFO) and also what’s controlled via the 2 x CV input channels. The polarity control & offset of every parameter can also be modified on every mode and every channel.

Stonk features 6 x snapshot preset slots for saving and recalling the joystick assignment and settings; and these saved presets also store the parameter values for all modes and channels.


  • CV & Audio looper (150 seconds per channel)
  • LFO
  • Euclidean envelope generator
  • Multimode Filter
  • Stereo Reverb
  • Wave Folder
  • VCA
  • 2 x audio in & out (AC coupled)
  • 2 x CV in & out (DC coupled) ±5V
  • 2 x extra CV outputs ±10V (analog sum and difference of CV outputs 1&2)
  • 12 x illuminated push buttons
  • The audio AD/DA is 24 bit, 48 KHz, the internal audio handle is 32 bit float.
  • The CV AD/DA is 16/12 bits, 12 KHz.


  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 30mm

Stonk – User Manual and Build Document

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