Tesseract Modular – TUKRA – Full DIY Kit

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Advanced Trigger Sequencer with audio and MIDI

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The TUKRA is an 8-track Eurorack trigger sequencer with audio and midi. This module can be an ‘all in one’ solution for drums in your rack, but also has great integration capabilities with other gear (Eurorack modules, drum machines, DAWs, midi devices and midi surface controllers).

The module is conceived to offer the widest array of possibilities while keeping all functions as accessible as possible and without submenus. 

Features include:

    • 64 patterns (with up to 64 steps each).
    • 64 parts (with up to 64 patterns).
    • 16 songs (with up to 64 parts).
    • 64 projects in the microSD card (with all the above each).
    • Play mode, clock divider and length independent per track & pattern.
    • Probability for step, gate and roll.
    • Triplets.
    • Swing (aka shuffle).
    • Micro grid edit (24 ppqn).
    • Euclidean Rhythm Generator.
    • 8 internal LFOs.
    • Drum synth.
    • One shot sample player.
    • Mixer with volume, balance, reverb, filter and bit crusher.
    • Modulation matrix for almost all parameters.
    • Independent track audio outs with TEO expander.
    •  Width: 32HP
    • Power consumption: 148 mA +12V, 11 mA -12V, 332 mA 5V

TUKRA – Build Document | Cheat Sheet | User Guide

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