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Class-D VCA / Synth Voice / Ring Mod

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cDVCA or class-D VCA is a new kind of VCA based on an entirely novel concept that is inspired from class-D amplification technology. This is not a transparent VCA and brings a lot of character to the sound.

The first VCA that tracks 1V/oct

Concept: The input signal is turned into an ultrasonic PWM signal (~34kHz). The PWM is scaled to the desired amplitude and then filtered back down to the original signal.

The twist: The PWM frequency can be lowered down into the audio spectrum and the frequency can be controlled via its 1V/oct input allowing for crazy waveshaping that tracks your melodies.

The drive controls an innovative clipping method that does not rely on overdriving any circuitry and therefore results in distortions with a very defined character.

The amplitude of the PWM signal is then modulated using CV giving the VCA effect. This is then fed into a 1 pole low pass filter that is also CV controllable.

This means, you have all the necessary audio tools to create a simple subtractive synth voice. When tuned into the audio range the carrier oscillator becomes audible and as it tracks 1V/oct you can easily tune it and play it like a regular square wave VCO. The oscillator is then fed into a VCA allowing you to control its loudness using an envelope or any other CV source.

cDVCA – Build Document | User Manual


  • Characterful class-D VCA
  • Encodes audio into pulse signal, applies amplitude control through PWM, and filtered back down to its original form
  • Internal oscillator ranges from 4Hz – 34kHz
  • Drive + lowpass filter
  • 1V/Oct input for internal oscillator


  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Power Consumption: 40 mA +12V, 40 mA -12V


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