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Complex LFO with ring modulator

This module has a black frontpanel

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Introducing the innovative Complex Low Frequency Oscillator (cLFO). Modulate your modulation they said! The cLFO is all about that.

The cLFO contains two CV-controlled LFOs that are inter-modulating and combined into a ring modulator.

The module has been specifically designed to promote cross and self-patching. For example, you can create continuously variable waveforms, exponential waveforms, bouncing ball effects, fantastic stereo effects and lots more!

Each LFO has Triangle, Saw and Square wave outputs, and the saw of LFO2 has been phase-inverted as to give some further variation. The triangle of LFO1 is normalised to the CV input of LFO2 which is attenuated.  Ring modulator is then added into the mix! AtoVproject wanted to introduce this technique to more people and generally promote curiosity to use certain effects that are usually audio-oriented on modulations.

Ring modulating LFOs creates very interesting modulations that have the same rhythmical feel as traditional LFOs yet being more complex and never quite repeating.

This LFO can produce a wide range of modulation frequency. The potentiometer allows you to set the speed anywhere from 2 minutes up to 20 cycles per second. With CV the frequency can be taken to the extreme, down to 13 hours and up to 400 cycles per second!


  • Two analog LFOs
  • Control voltage over LFO frequency.
  • Waveform outputs: Triangle, Square, Sawtooth (LFO1 – ramp down; LFO2 ramp up)
  • Fequency range :
    2 minutes – 0.05s (20Hz) without CV
    13 hours to 400Hz with CV
  • Ring Modulator (aka four quadrant multiplier aka bipolar VCA)


  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • PowerConsumption: +12v 52mA / -12v 60mA

cLFO – Build Document | User Manual

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