AtoVproject – MMx2 – Full DIY Kit

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Matrix-able Mixer System

Note: This kit contains 2 MM modules designed to be used as a pair

These modules have black frontpanels

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Utilities are the key to unlocking your system and the MMx2 is a lot of utility! You literally get two modules in one kit! Yes, this module is sold as a pair.

AtoVproject had been brainstorming on what type of utilities we need the most and the answers were: CV mixer, attenuverters, signal amplification, offset generator and mults. The MMs can do all of this.

The result is a seemingly simple 4 in 1 CV mixer with the AtoV twist that comes as a pack of two. These little mixers can be used individually and they can also be chained into a larger matrix mixer. The first 2 inputs are attenuated and the last 2 have attenuverters. These are all mixed together and the resulting mix is amplified by a factor of 1.8.

This allows for a world of new possibilities that will open your system and unlock creative new sonic possibilities.

This pair of modules allow you to distribute modulations, create mixers with sends, generate stereo effects, add side chain compression, create new filter types… and lots more!

To get you started with the advanced capabilities of the MMx2, AtoVproject have provided several patch examples in the user manual.


  • Sold as a pair
  • 4 in 1 DC Mixer
  • Multiple MMs can be combined into a matrix mixer
  • optimised for CV – Audio compatible
  • Input 1 and 2 have attenuators
  • Input 3 and 4 have attenuverters (polarisers)
  • Input 1 to 3 can be chained to the next module to create a matrix mixer
  • Input 4 is normalised to a voltage source so it can be used as offset control


  • Width: 2x 4hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: +12v 10mA / -12v 8mA

MMx2 – Build Document | User Manual


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