CubuSynth – Engine V2 – Full DIY Kit

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Updated version of the dual complex analog VCO with waveshaping and modulation features

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The CubuSynth Engine is a dual analog VCO with wave shaping functions, internal modulations and a chaos generator. The oscillator circuit is based around the 3340 chip and features 4 Waveforms plus one Wavefolder per VCO and 4 x Modulated Outputs, all available simultaneously.

The CubuSynth Engine can work as 2 independent VCOs, or as one complex FM oscillator. Each of the 2 VCOs offers a switch to select one of the 4 waveshapes to be used by the wavefolders, and the linear FM input normalisations.

The “Chaos engine” is based on a shift register clocked from the VCO1 square wave, reading data from VCO2 square output. This means, that for each cycle of VCO1, the Shift register checks the voltage on VCO2. If the Voltage is “high” it lights up an LED. When the next cycle starts, it will “shift” down the light to the next LED and read VCO2 again. If the voltage is “low” the LED stays off. On the next cycle it will shift down the LEDs status to the next, read VCO2 and so on. This creates the rotation of the light on the front of the module.

The voltages from the 8 LEDs are then mixed together with different strengths, to create semi-random stepped Voltages. With the Order switch, you can select which part of the LEDs has the strongest influence. This gives different patterns of the voltages generated. The Chaos signal is available as its own output but is also normalled to the CV inputs for the PulseWidth Modulation and Exponential FM. There is in external clock input to override the engine being clocked from VCO1.

Engine V2 – Build Document | User Manual


  • 2 x VCO cores (voices)
  • 4 x simultaneous wave forms per voice + 4 Modulation Outputs
  • 2 x Wavefolders (1 per per voice)
  • PulseWidth Modulation
  • Linear and Exponential FM inputs
  • 1 V/oct tracking stable over 10 octaves
  • Chaos generator with external clock input
  • Complex internal normalised modulations


  • Width: 24HP / 121mm
  • Depth: 24mm (measured from the front panel)
  • Current Draw:
  • +12V: +87mA
  • -12V: -74mA
  • +5V: 15mA

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