Dannysound Looping VCADSR – Full DIY Kit

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ADSR Envelope with full CV control and looping ‘LFO’ Mode. This new version uses pre-soldered SMD components to squeeze in two extra modes whilst being slim enough to be skiff friendly.

New DIY version! The majority of parts are now SMD pre-soldered making for a much easier build.

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The LOOPING VCADSR is a 4-stage envelope generator that uses a Microcontroller to generate a Voltage Controllable, Loop-able Envelope. The individual parts of the Envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release and Level) can all be individually controlled via CV. The new version of this module using surface mount components allows extra functions to be included whilst being slim enough to be skiff friendly.

It has 5 MODES of operation accessible by pressing the LED pushbutton:

  1. Gate Envelope – Gate signal fires ADSR. The envelope goes through the attack, decay and sustain stages of the envelope as long as the gate signal is high and then goes to the release stage when the gate goes low. If the gate goes low before the AD stages have completed the envelope goes to the release stage directly.
  2. Trigger Envelope – Trigger signal fires ADS. The envelope produces an attack, decay, sustain cycle that completes the AD stages whenever it receives a trigger pulse. If the sustain is set to 0 the envelope produces an AD envelope that starts at 0 and ends at 0. If sustain is not 0 the envelope will hold at the voltage set by sustain and the next trigger pulse will start the attack stage from the voltage set by sustain.
  3. Gated Looping Envelope – ADSR loops whilst gate signal is high.
  4. Looping Envelope – ADSR loops regardless of gate signal.
  5. Logarithmic or Linear Envelope – Switches between Log or Lin envelope. Accessed by holding mode switch. 

When the envelope is looping, all 5 controls affect the output. Attack and Decay operate, as one would expect. The Sustain control sets the minimum voltage the decay part of the envelope will decay to. The Release sets a release time from the end of the Sustain period to the beginning of the next cycle. When the Sustain is set to 0 you can use the Release control to add a delay between the Attack and Decay cycles.

In Normal Envelope mode the Sustain CV input can be used with an LFO source to add amplitude modulation that gradually increases as the Envelope transitions from the Attack/Decay part of the envelope into the Sustain part. The Level CV is also a useful point for amplitude modulation or can be used for Velocity Sensitivity via CV.

Looping VCADSR – Build Document


  • 5 Modes of operation: Gate signal ADSR, Trigger signal ADS, Gated Loop, Constant Loop, Log or Lin envelope response
  • CV over: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Level
  • Works with GATE signals from +5V to +12V
  • Output CV range 0V to +10V
  • Based on the ENVGEN circuit design from Electric Druid
  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: +12V = 28mA, -12V = 18mA

We now only stock full kits of Dannysound designs – PCB/Panel sets are not available.


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