DE-15 – Svalbard – Full DIY Kit

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Triple broken-delay and no-input mixer combined

All SMD parts are already pre-soldered

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Svalbard is an 18HP, 3 channel “broken” delay and no-input mixer combined, with both series and parallel outputs. Each channel has a dedicated filter and CV control over delay time.

As well as being used as a “standard” broken delay it can also be used as a no input mixer (similar to Shakti). Patch one (or several) outputs into one of its inputs, and then patch out from any of the outputs you are not using. Manipulating delay time and filters will have a huge effect on the sound.

The delay section can be used either in series or parallel. Patching into channel one and patching out of channel 3 will give you the signal in series (sound is passed through all 3 delays
in series). Patching into one channel and out of the same channel will give you parallel delays (which means you can use this with three different sound sources). The mix output will always give you all three delays in parallel.

Svalbard – Build Document & Manual

All SMD parts are already pre-soldered

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