DE-19 – Mouth – Panel & PCB Set

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Anti-wah, fixed bandpass, vowel filter in true stereo

All SMD parts are already pre-soldered. 

Note: This is a Panel & PCB set only

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MOUTH is a 2-channel true stereo fixed resonance/bandpass filter/vowel filter and/or anti-wah module. the module design uses a unique CV circuit using several infra-red optocouplers which makes it very suitable for audio range/fast CV., and Mouth can also use regular, slow, CV with ease.

The audio and CV inputs for channel one are normalled to channel two making it easy to create a stereo signal using a mono input. There is an invert switch which flips the incoming cv from channel one on its head to create wide evolving stereo soundscapes.

The middle knob controls frequency offset, and there are also two attenuator knobs above for the incoming CV signals. Mouth features individual outputs for each channel and also a mix out for blending signals, this allows the module to mix two completely different sound sources post filtering.

Note: The first printing of the panel has a misprint labelling the module “DE-12” which is incorrect. The correct labelling should be DE-19. If you have this panel it might be worth a fortune in the future!

MOUTH – Build Document

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