DE-14 – Distorted Light – Panel & PCB Set

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Dual Stereo Resonator and Reverb

All SMD parts are already pre-soldered

Note: This is a Panel & PCB set only

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Distorted Light is a 22HP dual stereo resonator and reverb using 2 x BTDR digital reverb bricks. The two reverb channels feedback into each other via 2 x VactroIs, creating a lovely mess of feedback. Thonk do not sell these vactroI parts separately and you will need to source them elsewhere.

All panel controls interact with each other allowing for endless variations of swirling and smudgy distorted echos. In the heart of the module is a “resonator” where the two bricks influence each other using white LED’s, ping-ponging between them.

Distorted Light – Build Document & Manual

All SMD parts are already pre-soldered

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