Engineer SS-02 Solder Sucker

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OMG this Japanese solder sucker is so good we finally got round to stocking it. Give away your old plastic tipped one, you can jam your hot soldering iron right into the silicone tip of this one without melting or burning it… and the suction is great as you can create a vacuum seal. TIP!

2 x 50mm replacement silicone tubes

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The Engineer SS-02 Solder Sucker is at the cutting edge of solder removal technology. The flexible heat resistant silicone tip allows the nozzle to come into direct contact with the soldering iron without damage, and allows the nozzle to ‘envelope’ the solder joint. This dramatically improves suction, and leaves less solder residue remaining.

Unlike the SS-02, traditional solder suckers have a solid nozzle. In order to avoid heat damage these hard and inflexible nozzles require the user to leave a small gap between the nozzle and soldering tip – This gap reduces the tool’s effectiveness.

The SS-02’s plunger is within easy reach of the thumb, making it ideal for one-hand operation in continuous work.

The self-cleaning shaft prevents clogging, and the unit is easily disassembled for quick maintenance.

Nozzles are easily replaced: The SS-02 comes with a a spare silicone tube which can be cut-to-size to yield several fresh nozzles. Replacement packs of 2 x 50mm length silicone tubes are also available HERE.

  • High power
  • Compact design which allows easy one handed operation
  • Withstands direct contact with soldering iron (350C Max)
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminium Body
  • Self-cleaning shaft to prevent clogging.

Cylinder Capacity: 9cc
Size: 20x153mm
Weight: 52g

Made in Japan

Clean your solder sucker often!

We advise cleaning carefully after each session of use. Remove the silicon tip and push the plunger all the way through to clean the metal tip. After multiple uses also unscrew the conical end piece and remove all residue inside the chamber. Careful care of this precision tool will ensure a long life.

Additional information

2 x 50mm replacement silicone tubes

Weight 0.0028 kg

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