Befaco – Voltio – Full DIY Kit

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Accurate voltage source and precision adder.

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Voltio is an accurate manual voltage source that fits somewhere between a music tool and a piece of electronic lab gear. This module generates voltages equivalent to all the notes on the 12-tone equal temperament scale throughout a ten-octave range, using an intuitive two-knob interface.
The Precision Adder In, lets you sum the Voltio output with external voltages. Additionally, the front panel banana connectors let you plug  in standard multimeter probes for hands-free operation. Voltio is perfect for transposing oscillators and sequences in a musical way or as a reference to calibrate your analog gear.


  • Easily adjust your oscillators in known intervals.
  • Transpose Musical phrases from sequencers, arpeggiators, or any other notes source.
  • Calibrate oscillators and filters on your DIY projects or during analog gear maintenance.


  • Width: 6 HP
  • Depth: 30mm including power connector
  • Power Consumption: +12V: 35mA, -12V: 15mA

Voltio – Build Document | User Manual

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