Wirehead Instruments – Freaq FM – Full DIY Kit

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8-bit Digital FM Generative Synthesizer

Dual 2-op FM voice architecture with multiple waveforms, LFO and modulation envelopes with a 16-step generative sequencer!

NOTE: This is a Full DIY Kit – pre-assembled units can be found HERE

Wirehead Instruments is the new name for Meebleeps Machines – see below for more info.

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The Freaq FM is an 8-bit digital synthesizer for your desktop featuring dual 2-op FM voice architecture with multiple waveforms, LFO and modulation envelopes with a 16-step generative sequencer.

From soul-soothing sine waves to multiverse-shredding modulated distortion, slapping bass lines to soaring arp leads, the Freaq FM is a powerhouse of sound design packaged with a melodic and intuitive generative sequencer inspired by the likes of Elektron, Intellijel & Music Thing Modular.

With 2 channels of liquid FM sounds, it plays great by itself or synced with your favourite external gear.

What’s in the Box – Kits

Your Freaq FM box will contain:

  • Quick-start guide
  • Main PCB
  • Front & rear panels
  • All components required to build a complete unit including red LEDs
  • Pre-programmed Arduino Nano
  • 8 x Tall topper knobs

All components are through-hole, no SMD required. Full construction manual and firmware updates are available here: https://meebleeps.com/support



  • 2 independent FM voices
  • 2-operator FM (for old-school prince of persia vibes!)
  • Multi-mode FM ratios – quantised, free-multiple, independent
  • Octave selection
  • Multiple operator waveforms for carrier & modulator (Sine, triangle, overdriven triangle, Saw, Square, Noise, Off)
  • Exponential Attack/Decay modulation envelope per voice
  • LFO per voice with multiple waveforms and selectable destination (envelope attack, decay & depth, FM ratio, note length, modulation level)


  • 2/1.5 track polymetric sequencer with up to 16 steps per track (Both tracks use same note sequence but can have different step-counts for poly-metric rhythms)
  • Multiple generative algorithms – (semi)random notes, (semi)random runs, arpeggio, drone
  • Sequence mutates/evolves at user-defined rate & note-density
  • Global tonic & scale (Ionian (Major), Minor (Dorian), Pentatonic, Phrygian (GOA!), Octaves, Fifths)
  • Tap-tempo control
  • Sync input & output (Korg Volca compatible)
  • 16-step parameter-lock recording of synth parameters for track 1 (the Elektron way!)


  • Audio output (14-bit DAC)
  • Sync input / output (0-5V rising-edge)
  • Arduino Nano based
  • 7-12V DC or USB powered

Meebleeps Machines are now Wirehead Instruments, nothing else has changed apart from the name though. Everything is being run by the same people and all machines branded Meebleeps will still be supported just like before.


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