Herzlich Labs – SEE ALL 2 – Full DIY Kit

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Body Contact Inductor Pickup Flesh Antenna Field-Recording Bit Sniffer Thing in STEREO!

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Hidden beyond the realm of sight and touch, lies a world of electromagnetic signals. This Sensory Enhancement Device™ will allow you to finally achieve the enlightenment of the electromagnetic signals you seek. No mere “bit-sniffer” attached to a jack, this device is an iteration on the Herzlich SEE ALL, but upgraded with 1/4″ jacks, hand friendly sizing and stereo pickups.

The principle by which the See All 2 works is simple, as it relies on inductors to “sense” electromagnetic fields near the user and allows them to
become part of the circuit by touching the bolts on top of the device. The human body is, itself, a fleshy inductor.

The See All 2 offers an easy and accessible way to capture stereo signals during your field recording sessions. It is is also sized to be easier to hold and the high-grade 1/4” outputs allow for better connectivity with field recorders.

Finally, the strange world of electromagnetism can be heard by human ears in stereo. Go out and explore! Listen to DC motors, power cables, Bluetooth receivers, routers, laptops, phones, self-service checkouts, ticket machines, trains, electric cars, et cetera. There is an entire world of invisible signals that await you, and even a walk around your home can yield several hours of interesting recordings and samples. A day trip in the city can easily record enough material for an entire experimental album. Turn on your recorder, hit record and see what you can discover – now, you can finally SEE ALL.

Note: this is a passive module. It requires amplification to hear the true splendour of the hidden world. A portable recorder with a bit of amplification on tap is recommended.

SEE ALL 2 – Build Document

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