Infinite Digits – Itty Bitty Midi – Full DIY Kit

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Converts midi to clock for Infinite Digits’ Pikocore

Note: This is the PASSIVE version of the Itty Bitty Midi circuit.

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Itty Bitty Midi is a simple circuit that takes either a midi din input or a midi trs type-a input, and converts it to a logic-level serial bit stream. the resulting bit stream can be used by *core devices (like the Pikocore) to listen to midi signals directly through the clock inputs.

The usage of itty bitty midi is simple enough: connect your midi device “midi out” with midi din cable (5-pin) or a midi trs type a cable to the itty bitty midi.
Then connect a stereo cable from the output of the Itty Bitty Midi (the headphone jack facing away from the 5-pin din jack) to the clock input of a Pikocore or Zeptocore.

Once connected, the device will listen to incoming midi. in the case of the Pikocore, it will listen to midi start/stop/continue commands to start & stop on beat. the Pikocore also listens to the midi timing commands and automically synchronizes. for more information, see the Pikocore midi help.

Note: This is the PASSIVE version of the Itty Bitty Midi circuit.

The Itty Bitty Midi is open-source.


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