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Open-source handheld sample player available in Black or Purple!

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The Zeptocore is an open-source handheld device for playing with samples. It vastly expands on the principles explored in Infinite Digits’ Pikocore by doubling the amount of available sample slots per bank from 8 to 16 and increasing the sample quality to stereo 16-bit @ 44.1 kHz. Additionally Zeptocore features 16 seperate audio effects and a single-cycle wavetable synthesiser!

MicroSD storage and a browser based file editor now make it super fast to organise your sample banks. Zeptocore features a built in speaker and can be powered via batteries or USB-C. The device can be synced to other gear using the onboard clock input or with MIDI via either USB MIDI or the optional Itty bitty midi kit.

There are three modes that can be activated within the zeptocore:

  • Jump Mode is the default mode that is activated when turning on the zeptocore or by pressing A + B. In this mode, the 1-16 keys are used to navigate through audio slices, create loops, or retrigger audio samples for dynamic performance effects.
  • Mash Mode is accessed by pressing A + C and transforms the 1-16 keys into toggles for activating or deactivating effects. This mode adds complexity and textures to a sample.
  • Bass Mode can be initiated with A + D and assigns bass notes to the 1-16 keys, allowing users to play melodic basslines directly from the device. This mode enables easy integration of speaker-shaking audio elements into the output.

The Zeptocore is a MIDI-compliant device that outputs midi when buttons are pressed or knobs are turned. It will also automatically interpret MIDI start/stop/continue messages and automatically sync to the MIDI timing of an incoming signal. More details on Zeptocore and MIDI can be found here


  • Stereo playback of 16-bit audio files @ 44.1 kHz sampling rate
  • SD-card storage for up to 8 gigabytes of samples
  • Recalls up to 256 audio files (16 banks of 16 tracks)
  • 16 different effects (saturate, fuzz, delay, reverb, etc…)
  • Single-cycle wavetable synthesizer
  • Realtime sequencer with optional quantization
  • Clock sync in (or midi sync with ittybittymidi)
  • Optional clock sync out
  • Tiny built-in speaker
  • Powered by two AAA batteries (not included) or USB-C

Zeptocore – Build Document | Quickstart Guide | _core tool sample organiser | Github

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