Low-Gain LGE113 – Wave Multipliers – Panel & PCB Set

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Three Unique Harmonic Generating processors in one module

Note: this is a panel & pcb set only in 4U format.

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The LGE113 Wave Multipliers can be viewed as 3 distinct sections. The uppermost section is the simplest of the three multipliers. This has two switchable effects:
In the “HI” position, the module functions to “square-up” an incoming signal.
In the “LO” position, the module is a linear gain controlled VCA. This is useful for various functions such as amplitude modulation and for gating signals into the other sections.

The middle Wave Multiplier provides a sweep of the odd harmonics (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13th) when a sine wave is applied to its input and the knob is turned up or a control voltage is swept from low to high. A second input is included to allow two signals to be mixed before processing.

The bottom Wave Multiplier performs non-linear wavehaping known as full-wave rectification, but with sophisticated level-compensating conditioning as well. One output is a “squared up” version of the other. This output resembles voltage controlled pulse width modulation.

Easy to assemble – no wiring (flying wires) required.

LGE113 Main Board Bill of Materials
LGE113 Main Board Schematic
LGE113 Main Board Designator Layout (There is an error on LGE113 v1.2 PCBs: The 3 Pin header w/ J, H and G are wired incorrectly between LGE113 and LGE113C. They will need to be connected with wires instead of male and female headers)
LGE113C I/O Board Schematic (Wiring Diagram)
LGE113C I/O Board Designator Layout
Mechanical Parts BOM generally required for building Low-Gain Electronics Modules


  • PCB Size: 6” x 2”
  • Width: 2HP
  • Depth: 40mm

** 4U Modular is a term used for the format most commonly known as “Serge Format” or “Loudest Warning Format”. Out of respect for the ever growing format, 4U Modular is the easiest way to refer to it. More Specifically it refers to the panel height and mounting hole style. 4U Modular will patch up just fine with other 4U “Serge” formats such as “Random Source”, but it will not mount in RS boats or Buchla Boats (or power off Buchla power for that matter).

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