Martin Devices – Soft Key – Panel & PCB Set

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Video high gain voltage processor and precision clipper

Note: This module has a black frontpanel

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The Soft Key is a high gain voltage processor and precision clipper. The variable gain and clipping stage allows the module to act like a normal processor at low gain and at high gain the module will hard clip your input signal precisely between 0-1V.

This module is useful for signal processing, contrast control, shape generation and pairing with a crossfader to create a keyer.

The threshold control allows the input signal to be DC offset, controlling at what point the signal clips. The CV input allows an external signal to act as the threshold, and can be attenuverted with the CV control.

The gain control gives a range of x0 to x50, effectively attenuation up to hard clipping, although the trimpot on the board can be adjusted to increase the maximum gain to taste, up to x100.

The PCB is a four layer board designed to impart minimal noise when using high gain settings, but just as with any high gain circuit, noise on your signal will be amplified just the same as your signal!


  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 52mm
  • 45mA +12V, 40mA -12V

Soft Key – BOM


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