Mutable Instruments – Original Spare Parts

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The final supply of parts stock from Mutable HQ!  If you’re not able to add it to the cart below it’s gone forever. Our stock amounts are accurate, if you can add it to the cart we have it in stock (up to 15,000 pieces of some parts).

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Original Spare Parts direct from Mutable HQ!

Everything is unused and in “like new” condition. It has been stored very well by Mutable’s various factory partners and also since arriving at Thonk. For all parts please make sure you are buying the right part before purchasing, we won’t be able to refund or accept returns if you accidentally buy the wrong part. 

Kingbright – L-115WSURKMGKW

LED 3mm Red/Green 630/570nm 600/200mcd/20mA 60° – 3 pin

Used in: Marbles and Tides 2018


Kingbright – L-7113SRSGW

2.5 V Green & Red LED 5mm Through Hole – 2 pin

Used in: Blinds and Veils (v1)


Bivar – 3BC-F

Standard LEDs – Through Hole Red/Green 635/568nm White Diffused – 3mm, 2 pin

Used in: Marbles, Stages, Tides 2018, Veils 2020


Optosupply – OSC84L3131A

LED; 3mm; pink (baby pink); 30°; Front: convex; 2.8÷3.6V; 3.5÷4.1lm – 2 pin

Used in: Ripples 2020, Blades, Shades


Bivar – ELM 4-350 LED mount

LED Mounting Hardware LED Mount Self Ret 3mm Black .350 inch – for 3mm led



Bivar – ERM1-305 LED mount




STMicroelectronics – STM32F103-CBT6 – MCU Chip

Used in: Braids, Peaks, Yarns



Atmel – ATXMEGA128A4U-AU




Nisshinbo – NJM2068F-TE2

Low-Noise Dual Operational Amplifier – TSSOP-8



STMicroelectronics – TL082CPT

Dual Operation Amplifier – TSSOP-8



Texas Instruments – RC4580IPWR

Dual Operational Amplifier – TSSOP-8



1×3 Ribbon Cable 7.5cm

2.54 pitch 3 way Ribbon cable F-F, 4UCON: 21114

Used in: Stages (Daisy Chain cable)


2×3 – 2.54mm SMD Female socket

Low Profile – 2×3 – 2.54mm SMD Female socket, bottom entry






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