NOH Modular – Cycles – Full DIY Kit

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Quad LFO with Individual and Mixed Outputs

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The NOH Modular Cycles features four independent LFOs routed to ten individual outputs. Each LFO generates synced triangle and a square waveforms, and the frequency range of each four LFOs can be controlled by their rate switches and frequency knobs. There is a  wide frequency range – going from several minutes all the way up to audio rate oscillations. From these oscillations, the module generates an extra two outputs. One is a mixed output of two user-selectable triangle waves to create ever evolving patterns from these two independently running LFOs. The second output is a 4-bit DAC where each square wave is assigned to a bit in order to create pseudo-random voltage.

Cycles thrives as an exploration of complex patterns and rhythms that occur from combining independent oscillators. The module can be used as a basic CV source with simple LFO shapes, but can also create ever evolving control sources (or audio) that mangle voltages in unique and surprising ways!

Cycles – Build Document & User Manual


  • 4 x Individual LFOs with Triangle and Square output
  • Low / High Rate switch and frequency control for each LFO
  • Mixed Triangle wave output selectable between 1 or 2 with 3 or 4
  • 4 BIT DAC output for pseudo-random voltage
  • Through-hole build – all SMD already pre-soldered


  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Power: +12v = 70mA. -12v = 70mA


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