Patching Panda – BD-Z – Full DIY Kit

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Advanced Bass Drum Generator

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BD-Z is a versatile kick drum module for Eurorack in 12HP. The BD-Z is able to produce a wide range of bass drum and percussive sounds, that go further than the typical 808 and 909 styles.

Patching Panda have implemented thru-zero FM/PM for an immense variety of textures and harmonics. The module also features a great amount of CV inputs for modulation, to shape the sound, transform and morph it into many other drums sounds like bongos, congas, etc.

The circuit was carefully designed to maintain the signal gain, regardless of the setting – it will always be punchy and when the amplitude decay or the distortion is fully open it won’t get out of control.

The distortion can be subtle or aggressive, and BD-Z  has a dedicated accent input like some vintage drum machines to add dynamics to the rhythms. Another useful addition are the two amplitude envelope outputs. These allow you to send positive and negative envelopes out to interact for other modules to interact with the BD-Z. Perfect for setting up a side-chain patch with a VCA.


  • Analog kick drum module
  • Manual and CV input triggering
  • Separate amplitude and pitch decay controls, both with CV inputs
  • Pitch amount to determine how offset the initial pitch is
  • Blendable waveshaping to determine distortion of sine wave
  • Amplitude modulation input with attenuator
  • Thru-zero FM input with attenuator (jumper on back to determine TZFM or TZPM)
  • Accent input with level/accent attenuator
  • Tuning control as well as 1V/Oct input for consistent pitch tracking
  • Final output as well as a unipolar positive and unipolar negative amp envelope output
  • Width: 12HP
  • Power consumption 84mA@+12V, 64mA@-12V

BD-Z – Build Document | User Manual

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