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Compact Dual Attenuverter

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Here is a demonstration of the filter using a Square wave to N.V.H.S input and cv from rampage to flipanda, the sum out to N.V.H.S vca and inverted out from flipanda to N.V.H.S cv freq #nvhspatchingpanda #flipandapatchingpanda #befacorampage #patchingpanda

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The Flipanda is a 3HP dual attenuverter featuring a sum output as well as an inverted signal output.


  • Dual attenuverter
  • Sum output
  • Inverted output
  • 5v or 10v constant voltage when no input is connected
  • Width: 3HP
  • Skiff friendly

Note: this module features SMD components.

Flipanda Build Document

flipanda #flipandapatchingpanda #patchingpanda #attenuverter

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