Patching Panda – Particles – Full DIY Kit

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Four-channel Trigger Modulator / Resequencer

All SMD parts already pre-soldered

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Patching Panda presents Particles, a four-channel trigger modulator that is designed for maximum playability and fun by adding variation and manipulation to your clock and trigger signals.

Using the four sliders and pair of knobs, you can quickly dial in variation to your patterns for more interesting rhythms while also being able to quickly switch back to the original input. Particles can shift and scramble the outputs, repeat triggers with different time signatures, and use sequential switching to continually transform its grooves and breakbeats.

Particles is ideal for building up quick and interesting rhythms or injecting a bit of controlled chaos into static trigger patterns!

Particles – Build Document | User Manual (All SMD parts come already pre-soldered)


  • 4-Channel trigger generator
  • Multiple clock manipulation and variation algorithms
  • Shift outputs
  • Mute triggers in interesting ways
  • Independent time signatures for each channel
  • Probability parameters
  • CV Inputs for Probability, Rate, Shift, and Absorb
  • Clock and Reset inputs
  • 4 Trigger inputs
  • 4x Multifunction sliders


  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth 32mm
  • Power: 66 mA +12V, 16 mA -12V



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