Shakmat Modular – Time Apprentice – Full DIY Kit

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Dual Clock Dividers

Includes frontpanel for both Intellijel and Pulp Logic 1U – compatible with both formats!

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The Time Apprentice is a compact dual configurable clock divider in 1U format. Each divider has their own set of divisions, perfect for applications such as clocking and resetting sequencers, syncing pingable modulation sources or triggering events. A set of jumpers at the back of the module allows for personalisation of the divider’s behaviour. This kit can be built to fit either the Intellijel or Pulp Logic 1U format.

Build Document | User Manual


  • Dual clock dividers
  • Dedicated potentiometer for each divider with two different ratio ranges
  • 4 jumpers at the back allowing customisation of the dividers (triggers/gates, auto-reset, alternative clocking)
  • Skiff friendly (25mm deep)
  • Intellijel and Pulp Logic format supported
  • 1U — 14hp

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