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Rapid prototyping instrument

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Simple Fix is a rapid prototyping instrument for synth designers, makers and musicians. Running the Daisy Seed microcontroller, Teensy or Arduino Nano, it makes for a quick prototyping buddy. Simply add a couple of knobs, switches and jacks to get started!  Test your ideas before building something bigger, and even take it on the go. It’s tiny, and designed for efficiency.

Simple Fix has 4 modular sockets for potentiometers, jacks and switches. It also has a quick output and input (mono) for sound recording and listening.

Running the Daisy Seed microcontroller, Simple Fix can be anything from a looper to an analog sounding multi-voice subtractive synthesiser or drum machine. Daisy is 96kHz / 24-bit audio hardware, ARM Cortex-M7 MCU, running at 480MHz and has 64MB of SDRAM for up to 10 minute audio buffers.

The Synthux Academy website has a library of open source instruments, live lessons, examples and community projects as well as a video course for complete beginners. Get started and build a synth!


1 Fix board

1 Daisy Seed

2 Mono Jacks
2 Female headers (ultra-low profile)
2 Male headers (ultra-low profile)
1 Switch (on-off-on)
1 Switch (on-on)

Kit designed and assembled in The Netherlands by synth nerds and teachers.

SImple Fix – Build Tutorial | Github Repository |  Introduction to Synth Programming on the Daisy Seed (included free with purchases of Simple Designer)

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