Tesseract Modular – 12×12 Buffered Matrix – Full DIY Kit

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Buffered Signal Router

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This is a kit to build a 12 input and 12 output Eurorack precision buffered matrix. This module is designed to manage complex multi-channel routing and rerouting schemes, and can be a semi-permanent matrix for medium to big  modular systems.

Every output has a rotary switch to select its input signal, so the same input can go through several outputs, but not more than one input to the same output. There is a bi-colour LED next to each output jack to indicate active signal information and white silkscreen labels to customise the input and output names.

The matrix allows for fast patch changes and easy re-routing of signals for both audio and CV. It’s also possible to use the matrix as a very flexible buffered multiple: 1 x 12 outs, 2 x 6 outs, 3 x 4 outs etc…

12 x 12 Matrix – Build info and schematic


  • 12-in, 12-out switched matrix/multiple
  • Buffered inputs allow the module to function as a buffered multiple
  • Intuitive silkscreen and LED interface
  • Processes both CV and audio
  • Width: 26HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: 45 mA +12V, 45 mA -12V

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