Tesseract Modular – Tex Mix Master Section – Full DIY Kit

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Eurorack Modular Expandable Mixer

All SMD already pre-soldered!

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The TEX MIX is a modular eurorack mixer which allows you to build a custom mixer depending on your needs, number and type of channels.

This is the Master Section module which holds it all together. As the only indispensable module in the Tex Mix set, the Master Section draws power from the busboard directly, and distributes it to as many channel modules in your Tex Mix setup as you might need.

The Master Section offers two stereo aux returns with attenuators, as well as the output jacks for the Tex Mix’s two aux busses. With its configurable Cue/Master balance pot for previewing material before sending it to the main outs, a 1/4″ headphone output with dedicated level control, and a master volume knob for the main stereo outs, the Master Section provides plenty of controls for dialing in your sound

This module should be paired with at least one of:


  • 2 Stereo aux returns A and B with dedicated volume control (2 stereo inputs)
  • SEND A aux out
  • SEND B aux out
  • Master stereo output with dedicated volume control
  • Monitor stereo output (configurable for CUE only out or CUE/MASTER out with jumpers on the back)
  • CUE/MASTER balance pot (mix control for the headphones and, if so desired, the monitor out)
  • Headphones output with dedicated volume control

new in version 1.5:
Return A can be configured for modular or line level gain, so it can be used with guitar pedals, non eurorack effect processors or synths
Bus outs with pin headers on the back to connect the vu meter BLINKS (master pre-fader, master post-fader, cue, sends A&B)

Texmix Master Section – User Manual and Build Document


  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Power Consumption: 32 mA +12V, 32 mA -12V

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