Visible Signals ‘One Of Four’ – Panel & PCB Set

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One Of Four is a high performance 4-input video switching module for Eurorack video signals.

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One Of Four is a 4HP high performance 4-input Euroack video signal switching module.  Switching between inputs is very fast and clean, allowing for high quality picture-in-picture or layered moving image and pattern effects.

The active input is selected from one of the four inputs (A1, A2, B1 and B2) via two binary ‘select’ inputs – A/B and 1/2.  The select inputs have a switching threshold of +0.5V and are signal-compatible with the LZX Castle range, or the midpoint of standard euroack 1V video signal levels.  The module correctly supports switching of input signals across the full typical eurorack +/-10V voltage range.

One Of Four module comes as a DIY PCB/panel set (no components) for you to solder together and assemble.  The list of electronic components required is outlined in the One Of Four Manual V0.2a. LM6172 chips can be sourced from Thonk HERE

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