Patching Panda – Vibrazum v2 – Full DIY Kit

Vibrazum V2 is a new updated version of the Patching Panda Vibrazum – with an improved layout, and extended controls.

Vibrazum V2 is a versatile triple multimode VCF capable of subtle to extreme tone shaping. The shared audio input enables use as a formant filter; however Vibrazum V2 shines at high resonance, where it becomes a gnarly tone-shaping tool of sonic destruction! Vibrazum V2’s wide frequency range can produce modulated snarls, nasal sweeps, and pseudo-resonator response.


Vibrazum V2 features three independent filters that all share a single audio input. Channel 2 is bandpass, whilst channel 1 and 3 can be switched from bandpass to highpass. Each of the three channels have a dedicated output, as well as a shared mix output.

Each channel has it’s own frequency control knob, and can be individually controlled with CV. Each channel is able to sweep through the entire frequency spectrum. Vibrazum V2 adds a new dedicated master shift control which allows you to sweep all 3 filters at the same time, either manually or with CV.

All 3 channels share a single global resonance knob and cv input.


Build Document – Assembly Guide

  • Triple multimode filter bank
  • channels 1 & 3 switchable from bandpasss to highpass
  • shared signal input
  • individual signal outputs for all 3 filter channels
  • a signal mix output
  • individual frequency knobs and CV control inputs for all 3 filter channels
  • global frequency Shift knob, with CV control input and attenuverter
  • global filter resonance knob, with CV control input
  • 14HP

User Manual



Patching Panda – Copy Cat – Full DIY Kit

The Copy Cat is a 2hp Dual Buffered Multiple featuring 2 channels of 3 outputs or 1 channel of 6 outputs if nothing is connected to the second input. The module has 2 bi-colour leds to indicate positive and negative voltage.


Copycat Build Document


  • DC coupled
  • 1st input normalled to the second input
  • Bi-colour led showing positive (green) and negative (red) voltages
  • Power consumption 20mA@+12V, 28mA@-12V
  • Width: 2HP
  • Skiff friendly

Patching Panda – Punch v3 – Full DIY Kit

Punch is the ultimate VCA-DECAY module for Eurorack – specially designed to generate dynamic percussive sounds but also capable of basslines, leads, envelopes and more. The VCA has a built in voltage controlled Decay envelope that can be turned from smooth to more aggressive logarithmic responses and can be activated with triggers, gates or cv’s. Punch also features accent inputs on each channel, for more interesting and dynamic sounds and envelopes. Each envelope can also be inverted via dedicated switches on the front panel. If you use an inverted envelope alongside the accent input you can create ducking effects like side-chain compression. V3 of Punch adds a switch per channel to change the Accent mode between either “vintage style drum trigger machine” or “complex CV with velocity VCA-decay”.


  • Dual VCA with voltage controlled Decay.
  • Adjustable Decay curve
  • Snappy attack ideal for percussion
  • Accent inputs
  • Envelope shape invert switches
  • Width: 9HP
  • Skiff friendly
  • Power consumption: 52mA@+12V, 50mA@-12V

Note: all SMD components are now pre-soldered – only through hole soldering to do!

Punch Build Document | Punch Manual


Patching Panda – Hatz – Full DIY Kit

Hatz is a 2-channel analog hit-hat creation module combining 2 kinds of sound source – white noise and metallic. The module is designed to give you a closed hat on one channel and open on the other. Each channel has a 2-pole filter with individual frequency CV and variable control over decay curve from linear to exponential. Hatz also features an accent input and choke functionality with CV controlled decay over the open hatz. The external input allows you design your own percussion sounds depending on what you feed in, while the Hold input manually opens the envelope via gates or CV.


  • Dual channel Hi-Hat generator
  • Linear to Exponential fall response.
  • Individual VCF per channel
  • Decay control over open Hi-hat
  • Accent / Choke functionality
  • Leds to signal trigger inputs.
  • Width: 10HP
  • Power consumption 54mA@+12V, 48mA@-12V

Note: All SMD is now Pre-Soldered – only thru-hole components to do

Hatz Build Document



Patching Panda – Shuby – Full DIY Kit

Shuby is a complex noise generator with 2 different outputs. The first output produces clean square waves with sub-harmonics and tone selection, recalling the nostalgic sounds of video consoles and taking them further with strange metallic vibes. The second output is noise based and dedicated to the heavy chaotic metallic winds and explosions from other dimensions. Both outputs share the same signal modulation path, with both manual and CV control over Space and Density controls. Shuby also features a bonus mix output, which combines both outputs together – ideal for creating unique complex metallic percussion sounds.


Shuby Build Document


  • Digital noise generator
  • Tone control switch
  • Space and Density knobs with CV input
  • Individual and Mix audio outputs
  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 22mm


Patching Panda – Petit Mix – Full DIY Kit

The Petit Mix is a 3hp Eurorack mixer module with 4 inputs. Each input has its own level control and all inputs are DC coupled to allow for CV mixing as well as audio. There is a bi-colour led on the Frontpanel to indicate signal polarity for active channels..

Build Document – Assembly Guide


  • 3hp Mixer Module
  • DC coupled
  • 4 inputs
  • Low noise
  • Bi-colour led showing positive (green) and negative (red) voltages
  • Skiff friendly

Patching Panda – Flipanda – Full DIY Kit


The Flipanda is a 3HP dual attenuverter featuring a sum output as well as an inverted signal output.


  • Dual attenuverter
  • Sum output
  • Inverted output
  • 5v or 10v constant voltage when no input is connected
  • Width: 3HP
  • Skiff friendly


Flipanda Build Document

Patching Panda – PandaBus – Assembled Power Supply


The Pandabus is a compact power supply and bus with a low profile and high power output. Features 2oZ copper layer PCB with 20mV Ripple and 2 DC connectors for linking more buses if you want to expand.

Includes pre-made cable with barrel socket and power switch for attaching to your case.


19VDC 90W recommended (MEAN WEL GST90A19-P1M)

+-12v: 1450 mA

+5v:1150 mA