What’s the deal with Plinky?

February 14th 2022 – We are getting lots of emails about Plinky and we just can’t reply to them all. The third Plinky run sold out in August 2021. We gave around the first 25% of people on the wishlist the chance to purchase it, in the order they originally joined the list. We didn’t even get past the people who joined the list in February 2021.

Due to the huge chip shortage in the far east our confidence in sourcing more Plinky kits before the summer of 2022 is currently very low. Our goal is to satisfy everyone who wants a Plinky eventually but currently we can’t give any estimates.

There are now nearly 5000 people on the wishlist (!) and there were only 200 kits in the August 2021 batch. Yeah I think you can see where this is going!

The extreme semiconductor shortages due to Covid-19 in 2021 made even sourcing only 200 kits a relentless and tricky task. We have no current estimate of when we can source more Plinkys.

We’re not accepting pre-order or pre-payment. That ship has sailed now the demand dwarfs the supply. It creates a huge bureaucratic burden on our staff who are already run off their feet. Opening up pre-payment is no more or less fair than just putting them on sale when they are ready and notifying the waitlist, in the order that people joined the waitlist.

JOIN OR LEAVE THE WAITLIST HERE (you need to register and log in first) – https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/plinky/